Sunday, June 05, 2005

very funny tanning legend

I was reading a wedding chat board and ran across this legend (the typos belong to the original author, I left them as they added to the story, in my opinion):

A bride was to be married and wanted to have a nice tan, so for the 4 days before her wedding, she went from tanning salon to tanning salon, hitting the max amount of time that each salon would allow her, maybe hitting 4 or 5 salons in one day. she did this for about 4 days before her wedding. well the day of her wedding came and her MOH or someone else with her, was telling the bride that she had bad breathe so the bride brushed her teeth several times and could not get rid of the odor. everyone arrived at church and as she was walking down the isle, she collapsed and died. here she had fried the inside of her bodies, her organs and everything. she basically burned to death. i almost stated crying as i heard the story. that was the information that i was told, it could vary some but it is a true story. i just wanted to warn everyone has to how dangerous tanning beds can be if not used properly. so for those of you wjo tan, be cautious. sorry if i upset anyone here.

I found this to be absolutely ridiculous and browsed Here's what they had to say about it.
The sad thing is many people believed her story! As though the danger of cooking your guts is worse than skin cancer...


Blogger Kaitlin C. said...

If you had cooked yourself from the inside out, wouldln't you be dead pretty quickly? If you put an animal in the microwave, it would be dead when you opened the door, right? Or wouldn't one at least show some simptoms shortly after other than bad breath? Any one pre-med?

8:29 AM  
Blogger Anna said...

I don’t know about the dying pretty quickly but having gone to an all-girls high school we did hear several stories. One that I first heard was when I was freshman (and it is a true story, the story was published in the newspaper and her family started a scholarship in her name). A girl from a local high school did the same process along the same lines of the bride, going to three or four tanning salons for the max amount of time for a number of days before her prom. She never made it to her prom because she became severely burned and died shortly (within a few days) there after of advanced melanoma.
The second story I heard was about a girl who ate raw cookie dough before going to the tanning bed. As she was in the bed and afterwards she smelled freshly baked cookies. Supposedly the cookie dough cooked as she was tanning. I know that this isn’t possible because a: she could not have tanned long enough to possibly cook cookies and b: the dough would have been partially digested before she got to the bed, but the rumor did keep a few girls from going for a bit of time.

4:25 PM  

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