Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Historical Inaccuracies

I feel jipped. As I was searching for a topic to write my paper on, I happened on this site. I will admit I do not remember a lot of the history I learned in elementary school, but to discover that something I do remember learning isn't even true... (I cut and pasted below)
Luther and the 95 theses: It is a very widely held belief that Martin Luther, one of the leaders of the Reformation, had 95 theses printed up and that he subsequently nailed them to the cathedral door in Wittenberg, Germany on 1517-OCT-31. (Halloween). This action led to the creation of Reformation Sunday -- a Protestant celebration of the Reformation. But the nailing of the theses apparently never happened. The first account of the quasi-event did not appear until after Luther's death. Luther himself never mentioned it. In reality, Luther wrote a letter to his superiors on that day. In it, he denounced the sale of indulgences, asked that the believers receive their money back. He included 95 theses which he suggested as the basis for a discussion of the proposal. What a pity; the scene of Luther nailing his list to the cathedral door makes for great drama. (this site also talks about the school taught lie).

The obvious larger importance of this realization on my part is the question, well then, how much of history has been fabricated in some way?


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