Tuesday, May 31, 2005


The main reason that this urban legend originally grabbed my attention was while getting information for an essay I was writing. I was searching for Polybius a Greek historian (and apparently he was also a cryptographer) and noticed on wikipedia that there was an alternate entry that said "for the video game of urban legend." The article seemed worthy of a break, so I clicked the link. Here is the link to the wikipedia entry about the Urban Legend Polybius…


Also got a coinop.org entry that is kind of interesting...


And of course at the bottom of the Snopes roundup is a small write up about the urban legend...


Overall I think it is interesting that such an odd story has lasted this long (the story is circa 1980's). "Men in Black" going to collect information from some crazy video game that can cause amnesia is a pretty tall tale, however I can see how the early 80's and late 90's video game youth culture explosion could have triggered some parents and even kids to wonder about "these machines" and "their true origins."

And never forget it is US vs. THEM.


Blogger Kirk said...

There was a 80s sci-fi movie, "The Last Starfighter" that was based on the premise that a certain video game was actually an evaluation/recruiting tool for aliens who needed nimble-fingered pilots in a war they were fighting. Aliens in Black?

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