Saturday, May 28, 2005

Bless you?

Okay, I know this pertains not to the past blogs in this class, but a conversation about sneezing came up recently and I felt the need to bring it up here.
Does it intrigue any one else that we seem to have maintained this custom of blessing people after they sneeze? I understand the polite factor of the "excuse me," "bless you," "thank you" routine, but why use words with religious connotations?? Do we actually have the power to bless people?
All sarcasm and irreverent humor aside, snopes has some things to say about this topic:

Additionally, I was perusing the web and found this entertaining, short article:
There were no dates so I do not know if this is true or still on the books...anybody know? Or is that just a really dumb question...


Blogger heather said...

That's a funny one, Meghan. Gesundheit, btw, means simply, "health."
Here is a link to another site with explanations.

7:23 PM  
Blogger meghan koch said...

So in this case, the germans found a way to be polite when someone sneezes without assuming the power to bless. Interesting.
I was going to make a Seinfeld reference, but I will refrain...

6:24 PM  

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