Tuesday, June 29, 2004

woman in the green suit


i have read this story as true, as fiction, as an email, etc, i have no idea if it is a legend or just a nice story but i like it, it is cute.

A guy in the military overseas somehow became penpals with a woman he had never met before named Kathy. All through the war, her letters kept him company and by the end he decided he was in love with her. He begged her to meet him when he was being sent home. She agreed, and said he could identify her by the red rose on her lapel.

When he got into the train station he started looking around. He saw a woman coming at him who was gorgeous, in a green suit. He was about to introduce himself, already stumbling over words in his head, when he noticed she had no rose. He gawked for another second then looked around.

He saw an older heavy set woman wearing a rose. He decided that since it was kathy's letters that kept him alive he at least owed her dinner to express his gratitude. He went over and kindly introduced himself and asked her to dinner. The old woman said she was very confused, that the lady in the green dress asked her to wear this rose and if a man approached her to give her this phone number, (kathy's)

it has all the elements of an urban legend but i am not sure if it is or not, either way, cute story.


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