Monday, June 21, 2004

Celebrity Urban Legends

In class today Professor Larsen brought up the whole "Richard Gere and the gerbil" incident (I found a semi-interesting site when looking around regarding the subject ) and was curious as to what other celeb urban legends you guys had heard. A few to start off:
-"In the Air Tonight" was written by Phil Collins after he saw someone run over his brother and drive off. He got the man's address, sent him some tickets to his show, and, when he sang the new song in concert, he spotlighted the man and told the entire crowd what he had done.
-Keith Richards, greatest man ever, beat his heroin addiction by having all of his blood replaced, much like an oil change.


Blogger ryann said...

A few celebrity ones I have heard: Alanis Morrisetter being rushed to the hospital to have her stomach pumped because there was too much semen in it...

I was kind of curious as to what other rumors might be out there, and one i found a lot was apparently a story went around about a Grand Funk Railroad concert, and after a guitar solo someone in the front kept booing. One of the bank members got mad, and yelled as if you can do it better, come on up here. and it was eric clapton.

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