Wednesday, June 16, 2004

school urban legends

having moved countries a lot i've been to quite a few different schools and have heard a lot of rumours about each school so was wondering if anyone had heard these before
- there's a ghost in the school (this was at a boarding school that was over two hundred years old, hence the whole old building must have a ghost idea. our ghost was affectionately known as 'the grey lady'... not the most orignial ghost name!)
- there's an insane psychopathic killer on the loose (one of my schools was built next to a mental hospital and i know one or two patients escaped as to their being psychopathic killers that i do not know!)


Blogger patzky said...

In Indonesia, ghost stories are pretty common. Each school has their own version of the story. The interesting part is most of the stories are set in the bathroom. I'm not sure why this may be the case, but my thought on this is that you go alone in there, and it becomes scarier for the people who hear the story.

I also have a story from my junior high school. It has been told through generations, since early 90s. The story goes like this.
There was this girl called Sarah. In class, the teacher asked for the report that was due back for the day. Sarah looked in her bag and she realized that she has left it at home. The teacher was really angry and told her to go back home and get the report. Sarah was upset and went out of the classroom. Just while crossing the road in front of the school, an accident happened and she was hit by a bus. After that the story goes like this, for a week after that incident happened, there was a writing on the ceiling of the classroom, which that teacher was a homeroom teacher. The writing was "SARAH" and it is said was written in blood.

On a separate note, blood in indonesian is 'darah'. You just change the first letter of 'Sarah' to 'D', and you'll get the word blood.

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Blogger ryann said...

I bet lots of schools have stories like that, I know the community college near where I used to live is said to be haunted. Actually just one building, they claim to see a lady who used to be in charge of something at the school, she looks like a regular lady but she is dressed in older clothes and they always see her walking down this big staircase, she never walks up but has been sighted many many times walking down. there is a graveyard right outside this building that is very old and the story is that she was some kind of administrator, died and was burried on campus but when they built that building they tore up some of the graves, and just left some of them, and hers was one that was torn up. she had a name but i do not remember it.

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