Sunday, June 13, 2004

We use only ten percent of our brains.

I've heard this many times and wanted to see if it was true, I think it is an interesting urban legend. There is apparently a book called Uri Geller's Mind-Power Book that in the introduction claims that: "Our minds are capable of remarkable, incredible feats, yet we don't use them to their full capacity. In fact, most of us only use about 10 per cent of our brains, if that. The other 90 per cent is full of untapped potential and undiscovered abilities, which means our minds are only operating in a very limited way instead of at full stretch. I believe that we once had full power over our minds. We had to, in order to survive, but as our world has become more sophisticated and complex we have forgotten many of the abilities we once had"

It turns out the myth is not true according to the reasons presented at that claims that:

"Brain imaging techniques like PET scan and MRI clearly show that the majority of the brain does not lie fallow. Indeed, although certain minor functions may use only a small part of the brain at one time, any sufficiently complex set of activities or thought patterns will indeed use many parts of the brain. Just as people don't use all of their muscle groups at one time, they also don't use all of their brain at once. For any given activity, such as eating, watching television, making love, or reading, you may use a few specific parts of your brain. Over the course of a whole day, however, just about all of the brain is used at one time or another."


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