Sunday, June 27, 2004

Sheepshead Lane

To go with the trend of many of the other posts about hometown urban legends, I have one that is pretty popular in my area. There is this road called Sheepshead Lane, on Long Island. The road itself is a dark, single lane road, with no street lights and a lot of trees. At night you cannot see anything without your head lights, so the road has a very creepy feel about it. Supposedly, this guy was in love with this girl named Heather, and they were together for quite some time. Heather's house was on Sheepshead Lane, right behind this high wall, infact it is the only wall on the whole road. Anyhow, one day Heather broke up with this guy and he could not stand being without her. So, after many unsuccessful attempts of trying to get back with her, he decided to hang himself from this huge tree out side her window, which is outside the wall. But before he killed himself, he spray painted on the wall, I LOVE YOU HEATHER. If you drive down the road you can still see it right on the wall. But, when you turn around to leave Sheepshead Lane, the writing on the wall changes and says, I LOVED YOU HEATHER. This is actually true it does change, but if you look closely, the wall is made out of a very rough material, so the added "d" at the end of love is sprayed on an angle, so when you drive by the first time heading down the road, you cannot see the "d". First timers to the spot, are usually a little bugged out. This place is pretty well known to everybody in the area, especially high school students.


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