Thursday, June 02, 2005

Pink Floyd and The Wizard of Oz

Apparently, if you begin Pink Floyd's album Dark Side of the Moon at the same moment that the THX logo come on the screen on the Wizard of Oz, what follows is a series of eerie coincidences. The words in Pink Floyd's songs reference what is going on in the movie. I tried this many years ago, and it actually does work. What is strange, however, is that the Dark Side producer, Alan Parsons, claims to have no idea how the two works became connected, as does Pink Floyd keyboardist Richard Wright. Popular opinion seems to lean toward the coincidence being purely accidental. Anyways, why would a band decide to create an alternative soundtrack of a movie that was produced 34 years earlier? Whether or not the connections were intentional, the coincidences are disturbingly accurate. I highly suggest you all check it out.


Blogger heather said...

I actually saw a Pink Floyd cover band play the entire Dark Side album and they showed the movie at the same time. Perhaps their timing was off, but I saw nothing strange with one or two forgettable examples. A fun show, nonetheless.

8:23 AM  

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