Thursday, June 16, 2005

Weird NJ

I don't know where the rest of you are from, but I grew up in between PA and NJ (long story, don't ask). Weird NJ has been a popular magazine among my friends and I since middle school and I've actually been to a lot of the places where the stories come from. I have had a fascination with ghosts since I understood what death was and a lot of the Weird NJ stories have to do with hauntings in insane asylums, etc. Basically the website is just a massive collection of Urban Legends. It's actually quite fascinating. I figured you all might be interested in reading about NJ a little may offer an explanation as to why people from NJ are so weird! :-P


Blogger Tanya said...

I actually grew up NJ so this site completely cought my attention. I have to say though, I was a little disappointed after reading through most of the stories. I've only heard about three of them, and some of the stories I frequently here were not recorded on the site. Maybe I am just not very NJ.

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