Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Field of Dreams

So as an Iowan, of course our discussion of the Field of Dreams got me thinking about Dyersville and Shoeless Joe. This website says that the field in Dyersville is actually the site where the movie was made. IMDB confirms this. Somehow as a native Iowan, I missed that they were actually making this movie a few hundred miles away.

Anyway, the point is, the Field of Dreams has become such an Iowan invented tradition that never existed prior to the movie in 1989. Driving anywhere in the state you are still, almost 20 years after this movie, guaranteed to see several "Is this heaven?" bumper stickers. The created nostalgia surrounding this movie and the baseball field made for the filming is amazing. And while I don't know anyone who has actually visited Iowa for the purpose of seeing this field (in fact I don't know anyone who has visited Iowa for any reason other than they had to), the hype around it keeps it going. If you don't believe me, look at this website. All you saps out there better get some tissues before you click.

The real Iowa is nothing like this at all. Not even the small towns. Call me a cynic, I can handle it.

Bother, the links aren't working. Here is the first one:
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Yes, I know the opening pages look the same, but they are different sites, believe me.


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