Thursday, June 09, 2005

Cancer From Hair Dye?

My father isn't one for fake beauty or messing with products to change your appearance. So of course it is always a big dramatic fight whenever myself or one of my brothers comes home with dyed hair. Whether we dye our whole head another perfectly natural color or just put in a couple of radical streaks he flips out. Most parents would give the whole speech about loving yourself and not changing who you are and all that. But my dad always instantly comes out with 'that stuff'll give you cancer.' My dad is not the most eduated person in the world so we always just laugh at this remark, dying your hair does not give you cancer.

But I got a little curious as to where he got this from. He couldn't have just pulled it out of nowhere. I figured it was some urban legend. So I did a little looking and found this report that ran in USA Today. Apparently my dad is not insane and hair dye really can give you cancer.


Blogger Anna said...

I too have heard, and been lectured about dying my hair, especially because I use red hair dye. But what I have also heard was that red M&Ms give you cancer. Something about red dye seems to trigger this fear. didn’t have anything listed on M&Ms and cancer, just the rumor that the green one’s are an aphrodisiac. Has anyone else heard about the cancer causing candy?

4:12 PM  
Blogger heather said...

Red m&ms were taken off the market a long time ago, and only recently re-introduced using a new type of dye. The old one was red dye number four, no?

As for hair dye, I used to be a hairdresser, and every now and then someone would ask about color causing cancer. To my knowledge, there has been no conclusive evidence of this. Color hardly damages your hair anymore...

5:49 AM  

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