Saturday, June 18, 2005

Move over Ghostbusters

SO I was intrigued by Michaela's information on haunted areas and ghosts in DC. I laughed, but I shouldn't have, because apparently, the area of DC is protected by Ghost watchers. I'm not joking:
Yes, they actually refer to themselves as Ghost watchers. THey do not have the capabilities to exterminate the ghosts, they just like to watch them.
Sorry, I am being completely inconsiderate, just check out the webpage if you are so inclined. Based on my expertise on this subject, I have concluded that these guys are all loons.
Not to worry though, further googling of DC ghost watchers led me to this site: Now, this site is serious, it has accounts and recordings of spirit voices that can be heard in your kitchen. Well, maybe not YOUR kitchen, but definitely the people's kitchens on this webpage. As the website suggests, you can apparently hear ghosts speak through your coffee pot. I think I shall go brew a cup right now.
Now, one more website. Based on this website:,
there are "ghost stalkers" all over the united states and in other parts of the world. I imagine these people also comprise the X-files fan club, but yes, there are actual ghost stalkers, hunters, trackers, watchers, spirit seekers, apparition chasers....I looked for some ghostbusters but found none, to my dissapointment.
Very interesting.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So you criticize the people that just watch the ghosts anf dont interfere but you believe a coffe pot is haunted. Who's the Loon?

5:30 AM  

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