Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Penny and The Empire State Buiding

Supposedly, if one drops a penny of the top off the Empire State buiding and it hits someone, the penny will go through the person like a hot knife through butter. This is something that I (being from New York) had many people tell me on numerous occasions.
I never really believed it, but then again I never took the time to research it. So, what I found is that the Empire State buiding is 1,250 feet tall, and if a penny was dropped, it would hit the bottom in 8.8 seconds, and it would be traveling around 280 feet per second. According to the article, it might cause a fractured skull, but most likely it would not even break through the skin.


Blogger Kirk said...

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4:25 AM  
Blogger Kirk said...

Please don't actuallt try this experiment. We don't need any lawsuits from angry penny-dented denizens of New York.

Ironically enough, I had recently posted on the race to build the world's tallest building (sadly, the Empire State bldg. has fallen far behind) with one in Taibei, Taiwan as the current winner. See here for details.

9:04 AM  

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