Tuesday, June 01, 2004

heres the recap: space pen, Trojan horse, and a man who lives in a windmill

ok i just killed my post for the second time running, so for that i should be congratulated.
i had three points to make
1) re: space pen. could be a dig at the Russians implying they were too poor and ignorant to build a pen that works in space.
2) re: Nicole talking about Troy. Many ancient myths like latter day urban legends have changed over time and have different versions of them. Not having read Homer's Illiad, I am told that the Trojan horse most associate with the fall of Troy never actually makes an appearence. Also if you look at the story of King Midas, while most stories will agree he asked for the touch of gold, some say he became a wiser man but others say he was just as stupid and was punished with donkey ears!
3)was also wondering if anyone here has ever watched Jonathan Creek (as shown here on BBC america). its about a magician's assistant who lives in a windmill and solves very mysterious crimes - such as how a person can be killed in a locked room. Some of the mysteries take there base from urban legends.
There was something else but its completely slipped my mind.


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