Thursday, May 27, 2004


Kudos to Jo for breaking the long silence on this blog. Please note that there are two ways one could reply to questions or speak to issues on this blog. First, you could do so in a separate post (as I am doing here). If you do so, please try to include a hyperlink to the original post you are responding to. To do so, right-click on the date and time stamp beneath the post in question and choose "copy shortcut." You can then paste it into a hyperlink in your own posting, like this.

The other way you can respond is to click on "comments" beneath the post in question and leave your comments there.

In answer to Jo's queries:
--Yes, the GW library system does have a collection of electronic databases, known collectively as ALADIN. You can use it to access individual databases (like JSTOR or Factiva) or you can click on "e-journal Title Finder" to search for specific journals or publications.
--I won't be teaching this course next year (other courses already booked). If this summer experiment works well, though, I may try to revive it again in the following year.
--There are, of course, many mythological references to cannibalism. Arens (in the piece you all need to have read) mentions one of the earliest European historical references is from Heroditus.



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