Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Bonsai Kitten

Bonsai kitten... While the sound of it maybe considered interesting and rather peculiar, it made us wonder what is this all about? A miniature cat that can't grow? Well, it's actually about a cat that is being shaped into a bottle. The process of this sounds really horrific. At a really young age, kitten's bones are said to have not yet hardened and really flexible. Beacuse of this, when they are put into a vessel, jar, or bottle, they will grow into the shape of the container. They will stay in there until they are fully formed or if they don't survive the process then they will die. These conditions also apply with that, they eat and drink through a tube or straw, they certainly won't be able to move around freely and their wastes go through a small tube.

The site which sells the tools to create and the actual bonsai kitten itself:

Investigations about the authencity of this have been done and it is actually just a joke, some say that the site was actually made by some MIT students.


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