Tuesday, June 01, 2004

NY urban legends

I figured it was time for me to post something ...soooo...
I am from Westchester, NY, and in this town White Plains that is just about 10 minutes north of where I live, there is this street called Buckout Road. When I was younger, it was a spot my boyfriend and I would go to make out (haha) but it had many different urban legends surrounding it, and it was always very creepy. Anyway, that boyfriend that I mentioned created a webpage all about the urban legends surrounding the road, and whther they have a root in fact, or not. It is very interesting, and I suggest you visit it. Some of the legends include Albert Fish (the serial killer) living there, a house full of man-eating albinos (for our cannabilism genre), numerous ghost stories, and homocide stories. Here is the link to the webpage: href="http://www.bedofnailz.com/buckout.html">
( http://www.bedofnailz.com/buckout.html )
I hope you enjoy it.



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