Sunday, June 06, 2004

This was posted on the blog of a GW English professor whom i'm friends with. It reminded me of the job advertisment we talked about in class:

(from today's Washington Post Jobs section, page K4)

Writers: Abandon your dreams. And come work for us. Dream of writing the great American novel? Or the next hot Hollywood screenplay? We can help you forget those pesky aspirations. Come work in advertising instead. Sure, it may not be rewarding or... what's the word?... fulfilling. But if you can pour the same passion and flair into a direct mail piece, a sales brochure or an interactive promotion, you may be the morally bankrupt 'artiste' for us. Candidates should preferably have two years [sic] writing experience, marketing or otherwise, and a penchant for smart, inspired prose. Basically, the kind of people whose spirits we especially enjoy crushing.


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