Thursday, June 30, 2005

Creation of a rumor...

This actually happened yesterday. I met a friend for dinner, we'll call her Betsy because that is her name. Betsy works on Capitol Hill yesterday, and was evacuated because of another airspace violation. She called her boyfriend to tell him that he wouldn't be able to reach her at her desk. He was out to lunch with a friend, and when he got the message, he yelled to the waitress, "we need our check right now! We're under attack!" I'm not kidding. This caused mild panic in the restaurant they were in, until boyfriend was able to contact Betsy.

The real punchline is that when Betsy was recalling the story to me at dinner last night, people overheard and thought we had been attacked and just hadn't heard about it. It's amazing how people will believe whatever they overhear.


Blogger Anna said...

My roommate, who works in the capitol, is one of these people. She was on the phone last night with her friends and began to go off on how the Capitol was evacuated. The story slowly evolved from the first phone call consisting of "we were evacuated today", to the final phone call of "we were evacuated because a crazy man was flying this really big plane directly towards the Capitol and threatening over the radio to blow it up." I told her after she hung up that I have a class in urban legends because of people like her.

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