Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Man suspected of 36,000 cases of child sexual abuse

Man suspected of 36,000 cases of child sexual abuse
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Authorities searched his home and found detailed,handwritten records of 36,000 assaults over a span of decades.SEATTLE (AP) - Relatives of a man suspected in thousands ofcases of child sexual abuse described him as a "black sheep"whose only ties with the family dissolved years ago.

Dean Schwartzmiller, 63, was arrested in Washington state on aCalifornia fugitive warrant.

Authorities searched his San Jose home and found detailed,handwritten records of 36,000 assaults over a span of decades.

Jack Schwartzmiller of Butte, Montana, says his cousin lostcontact with most of his relatives years ago, and described him asthe black sheep of the family.

Although police said Schwartzmiller appears to have spent muchof the past 30 years in California, he has been arrested on childmolestation charges in several others states and is wanted inOregon on sexual assault charges involving a minor.

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Blogger Kaitlin C. said...

Okay, assuming this story is true, this man has committed 36,000 cases of child sexual abuse. To committ one a day, this would take rougly 100 years. The man is only 63, so to committ them all by his age, assuming puberty at around 13, and crimes committed from ther on out, he would have to committ 2 child sexual abuses a day every day for his entire teenage and adult life up to this point, with only 5 days off a year. This seems unrealistic to me. 36,000 counts might somehow make sense, after other Micheal Jackson was charged with 10 different countsin his past trial and this was just concerning one boy, but still, to have supported oneself long enough to be in society and alive at 63 doesn't really seem to facillitate committing 36,000 cases of abuse. Forget that, NO ONE TURNED HIM IN out of 36,000? He was never caught, no one could idea him or told their parents? he's just that clever? I suspect this may not be true

1:03 AM  

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