Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Pulp Fiction

Just so you all know- "War of the Worlds" is quite an impressive movie.

And speaking of impressive movies, I have a "Pulp Fiction" urban legend/ question. My friend was asking several questions about the movie after she had finally seen it for the first time, one specifically being what is in that briefcase? She had evidently gotten an email about it saying that it was an interview with Tarantino, and this class having made me a complete skeptic of anything, I asked for a copy of it. Low and behold it is on, The email says that what is in the briefcase is Marcellus’ soul. Snopes can neither confirm nor deny whether this is true, seeing how Tarantino has never disclosed what is truly there, but the email adds just another item on the urban legend list. I find it interesting that, because it is never explained, people do fill in the blanks, and then spread their answers as valid truth, which seems to be similar to the changing the location on the “warning” emails that spread around.


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