Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Drug Company Conspiracy

I'm not sure if we've talked about this already, because I remember hearing about it either on the blogger or in class. Nevertheless, I wanted to share this book with all of you. It's on the Amazon's top-seller list right now. The author is claiming that corporations (the bad guys, once again) are selling manufactured food that they, along with the FTC and the FDA, know is harmful, just to gain profit for itself as well as the drug companies. He then claims that the drugs that the drug companies are pushing are actually what is making the patient sick. According to him, the government is in this huge conspiracy with the drug companies, and they are risking our health and well-being to make money. Not sure I buy it.

Check out a blurb on the book here

Oops, here's a website that says the author was sued by the FTC for making false claims about his "All-Natural Treatments"


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