Sunday, June 18, 2006

What's Really in the McFlurries?

My roommate's father recently bought a new office in London. This office, according to her father, was where McDonald's created its non-dairy foam base for all of the McFlurries sold in England. Though I thought that McFlurries always tasted quite odd and well, tasteless, I had never before heard that they were created out of a non-dairy foam. I decided to research this further to find out if the McFlurries are really frozen foam, or if my roomie's father simply lied to me.

According to Wikipedia and McDonald's website, the base of the McFlurry is soft-serve ice cream. The soft serve is dispensed into cups and then followed by the candy toppings chosen by the customer (e.g. M&Ms, Oreos). A spoon with a hole at the top of its handle is placed into the cup and attached to a machine to fully mix the product. The final result is a blended ice cream dessert which is fluffy in texture.

Why then, did Mr. Wood (my roommate's father) say that his building was where McDonald's once created the foam base of McFlurries? I checked, and McDonald's in England are made just like the ones in America, so they too are made of soft serve ice cream. Could he have misunderstood what was really once created there and told us that it was foam, or did he create this lie out of hatred for the fast food chain?


Blogger Whitney G. Wilson said...

McDonalds has so many bogus claims against it that i'm sure this one just fits right into that category. However, do we honestly ever fully know what's in the food products that we eat while dining at fast-food restaurants? My guess would be no! On the same note, i was told by a worker at the Dairy Queen that their "blizzards" were made pretty much the same way and from the same ingredients. However, one time my mom ordered a cookie dough blizzard and there were eggshells in it!

8:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you let a McFlurry sit there and melt, it starts to foam.

5:49 PM  

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