Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Urban Legends with the intent to expose evil

I know that I probably come off as argumentative in class, its just because I enjoy what we are talking about.

With that said:

Regarding our class discussion about Pearl Harbor and War etc. It seems to me that Urban legends that stem from Wartime are just created to justify horrible acts. We decided to paint this negative image of the Japanese to justify the blatant killing of them. It is easier for troops in battle to kill people who are seen as barbaric. Maybe this is where the myths of cannibalism started. It is a lot easier to hate your enemy if you view that enemy as doing something so evil. I address this a bit in my cannibalism paper. Maybe we use cannibalism as a symbolic metaphor for other evils in the world. Maybe we use cannibalism to symbolize wars. We are basically killing innocent people in wars just like we would have to if we ate them. Though it is not as literal, we still have a person's blood, who we killed, on our shoulders.

Maybe it is in our best interest to buy into urban legends about our enemies during wartime. What do other people think?

Are Urban Legends with the intent to expose evil ok? The Japanese may not be evil, but isn't it a lot easier to tell troops that they are if they have to kill them?


Blogger A.Marie said...

I think you're right... If we find something to separate "them" and "us," or demonize our enemies, it is easier to hate them and easier to harm them because we dehumanize them in our minds. If we perceive our enemies as "evil," it almost justifies our negative actions.
I personally had never known about the racism that came abou tin the country towards Japanese immigrants, let alone that there were actually concentration camps made for them. That was only 60 some-odd years ago!! And to think we were fighting Hitler and HIS concentration camps!! How easy it is to overlook our own faults...
Also on a last note, seeing all that US propaganda was a shock. I have studied the Holocaust, and seen Nazi propaganda. But I didn't realize the US was using it too. Some of those posters were just cheesy, but some were creepy.

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