Thursday, June 29, 2006

Unsolved Mysteries

Did any of you used to watch that TV show, "Unsolved Mysteries?" (It came on right before Rescue! 911...) I always wondered a few things when I was little about that show:
1- How come the camera people didn't stop the bad guys in the middle of the crime?!
-Of course, the clips on the show were reenactments. But I didn't know that until years later.
2- If I called in and said I saw a guy that looked like their bad guy, would they really come arrest him?
-Apparently, the show was one of the first TV-audience interactive programs to air, and the contributions of viewers really did help solve hundreds of cases (including criminals, missing people, family reunions...)

That show covered everything from "Mothman" to missing children to crop circles to ghosts... I used to love it!!


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