Sunday, June 04, 2006

Thurston Roof Sniper

I was at work today talking to some of my coworkers about urban legends that they were familiar with and one person mentioned one from her freshman year that I had never heard. Apparently freshmen are warned that if they go up onto the roof of Thurston Hall that there are snipers stationed somewhere nearby ready to shoot. I suppose the thought is that it could be considered a threat since the White House is so close by, but the entire myth seems very ridiculous to me. The girl who told me about it though, believed it throughout the entirety of her freshman year. Maybe this is an example of how upperclassmen might take advantage of freshmen that are young and gullible and perhaps living in a large city for the first time. Had anyone else heard of this GW myth? It was news to me.


Blogger Richie said...

It sounds familiar, i've heard it with a couple GW areas on campus because of the proximity to the White House. But the one I hear about Thurston the most is that the building holds the reputation of being the 2nd most sexually active dorm in the country. Can anyone comment or support that claim somehow? When I heard it, it was certainly a reason for me NOT to live in Thurston

4:50 PM  
Blogger Brad Tucker said...

There may be some validity to the idea that if you go up to the roof in Thurston you will get shot. I do beleive that in DC there are certain "roof top laws". For instance, certain buildings you can be on the roof others you cannot. Certain buildings are allowed to build pools while others are not. I think this is illustrated in the Zoning laws. I do think that it is possible that Thurston since it is near the White House may be one of the building that does not allow roof access unless there is a permit. Obviously there are snipers on the roofs of neighboring buildings and maybe someone would assume that a drunken student is a threat. I do not think anyone would get shot at but who knows? Who wants to try this out?

Also i too heard that Thurston was the 2nd most sexually active dorm... I lived in Thurston. Maybe that was the reason i decided to live in Thurston. All jokes aside any college co-ed dorm that holds 1,200 freshman is bound to be sexually active. Come on there kids are 18 and are living un supervised... As long as its safe, I say congratuatlions to Thurston for getting that much PLAY! If those walls could talk!

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