Tuesday, June 06, 2006

the Thirteenth floor

You guys really blew my mind in class today when you mentioned that some buildings (in New York City?!?!) don't label their 13th floor. That is proposterous to me!! I'm from a small town, so we don't have any tall buildings. And when I go to the city, I don't really think about the order of the floors in buildings. The number thirteen is said to be unlucky, yes, but for a civilized, educated society to intentionally leave out the number 13 in their buildings because of some superstition is unbeleivable!! So I had to check for myself. I called my brother Joe who lives in a tall building in NYC and I asked him if anybody lived on the 13th floor. His words: "It's funny you should ask... my bulding has a thirteenth floor, but we recently noticed that Tara's [his girlfriend] building doesn'ty have a 13 button in the elevator." I couldn't beleive it!!! Yes, there's a thirteent floor, but it's labeled as the 14th. They skipped right over "unlucky 13." It's still crazy to me!!!


Blogger Brandon said...

If you are interested in this you can see what wikipedia has on it here
Anyways they say that there are different methods of skipping the 13th floor--14th, 12a, making the ground floor the lobby so 13th is 12, or having a not inhabitated 13th floor. They also talk about conspiracies regarding the last one. All kind of silly if you ask me.

6:43 PM  
Blogger Evelyn said...

yea, Im from NYC but I have never noticed that the buildings skip the 13th floor. It's ridiculous because I only think about 13 being an unlucky number when Friday the 13th rolls around, not if Im in some random building trying to go up to the 20th floor. I probably wouldnt notice if they skiped the 13th floor unless that was the floor I wanted to go to...oh well.

4:48 PM  

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