Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Theme Park Urban Legends

While brainstorming for our last paper, I was trying to think of some legends regarding ammusment parks. The only one I can remember came from my childhood and from the redneck park "Silverdollar City" and its mine ride--"Fire in the Hole." My older brother and his girlfriend refused to go on it, because acording to him, his girlfriend, as a child, saw a man decapated on it. I tried to track this down on the internet but could not find anything to substantiate that this ever happened. I would imagine that I would be able to if it did happen. Also, it is hard to imagine how a decapitation of a single individual on such a ride would have occured. My brothers then girlfriend is now his wife so I will try to get the story as she remembers it from her.
Snopes has only one rollercoaster related story on its site--a girl who was scalped when her hair got stuck on the coasters machinery. It turns out that one is true. You can see more here.
I tend to assume many stories of this nature are fake but there are more fatalities at theme parks than I thought: look at this site.
Has anybody else encountered stories of disasters at theme parks?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not decapitated, but definitely deceased, July 9, 1980: http://news.google.com/newspapers?id=zaMKAAAAIBAJ&sjid=p0wDAAAAIBAJ&pg=3536,5476647&dq=james-frederick-policy

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