Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Snow White....

Has anybody ever heard the idea that the Seven Dwarfs from Snow White represent the "seven levels" of cocaine dependency?

"Many types of drug abuse (and physical or mental illnesses) can produce symptoms such as changes in sleep/wake patterns (Sleepy), mood swings (Happy, Grumpy), alteration of personality (Dopey, Bashful), and allergies (Sneezy) -- eventually necessitating a trip to the Doc."

On Snopes there's an article that discusses a rumor that Walt Disney was a cocaine addict, and that this movie was the proof. It points out that people like to make up morbid stories about children's culture (think about our child-star discussion and the rumors about the Blue's Clues guy....). It also mentions the films Fantasia and Alice in Wonderland, both of which have been criticized because when they were realeased, they "drew crowds of college students who found the films' melding of color, light, music, and imagery made them ideal psychedelic 'head' flicks." (quotations from Snopes). The truth is that Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was based on a Grimm Brothers tale from a century earlier. But there are still lots of rumors about Disney's films. People take wholesome pop icons and make negative accusations against them (drugs, sexuality, life history...).


Blogger EmilyGeise said...

I heard this rumor. I think that its more important for kids to believe in something that is fantasy and happy, rather than to tear too deeply into some of the seemingly only innocent and untouched material out there. Perhaps that is why Disney seems to be such a magnet for urban legends. The naive impression that Disney gives off is very tempting to disrupt. Although I am not insinuating that the Disney corporation is entirely spotless or blameless on all accounts, shouldn't there one place were things can just be as they appear, one place where the world is right and fair and beautiful, even if it is fantasy?

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