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Scholars for 9/11 Truth? Sounds like a bunch of wackos...

In reading the assigned article "Professors of paranoia?" I have learned about a movenemt that I never would have even thought of existing. The Scholars for 9/11 Truth are a group of professors and scholars that all share the belief that the US government orchestrated the events of 9/11. The most prominently mentioned theory (created by Stephen Jones) says that thermite was used to detonate the towers after the planes crashed into them (because the planecrashes would not be enough to cause the towers to collapse), allowing them to collapse straight down rather than falling over. Pointing to a yellow liquid spraying out of one of the towers as evidence as a thermite reaction, Mr. Jones' theory has been adopted by a whole movement of followers as being the definitive explination of how the towers collapsed.

What I really wonder is why so many people would be interested in this subject and bring up theories that would: 1) Implicate thousands of government/military employees in a huge murder, and 2) Cause even more pain and suffering for family members of people lost in the towers. Looking more deeply at the motives of the Scholars for 9/11 Truth (based on information provided in the article about their convention), it is clear that there is a shared animosity toward the Bush administration and the government in general. By putting forth conspiricy theories that would implicate the US government in one of the larger tragedies in our history, it can be safe to asssume that these Truth Scholars are trying to generate a mistrust of government that could be used (in extreme cases as brought up by former philosophy professor James Fetzer) to start an uprising against these corrupt parties.

For me, it is hard to look at this group and their unending pursuit of exposing a government conspiracy in a serious light. The shared interest in the conspiracy surrounding JFK's death, along with the involvement of themes from The Matrix have led me to see this group as a bunch of crazy people. I think that the theories put forth by Mr. Jones are scientifically sound but are open to question (as explored by the MIT scientist) and that 9/11 will likely end up as the next big "conspiracy" talked about for years but never resolved.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It appears from your post that implicitly trust the government's account of what happened on 9/11, yes?

It is worth noting that the people whose account of 9/11 you would appear to fully trust- the Bush administration- have lied to the American people about a great many things during the course of their 6 years in office, including (but not limited to):

1) Jessica Lynch (we were told by the Pentagon she was a female rambo who emptied her rifle fighting off attackers, she in fact offered no resistance)

2) Pat Tillman(we were told he died in a heroic battle against enemy forces when in fact he was killed by friendly fire).

3) Weapons of Mass Destruction(We were told by Donald Rumsfield that "We know where their WMDs are... They are near Tikrit, near Baghdad, and northeast, south and west of there." And, as CIA analyst Ray McGovern pointed out to Rumsfield himself, these statements were absolute lies. (And it wasn't just Rumsfield who told us this- it was everyone in the administration- including the director of the CIA, and the rest of the gang.

4) Saddam's Ties to 9/11 (which have been repeatedly asserted- though they are not true).

5) We were told Iraq would be a cakewalk that would cost very little and pay for itself in oil revenue (yet another falsehood)

6) in May of 2003, yet in fact the opposite was true, and today the nation we have spend hundreds of billions to "liberate" is now teetering on the brink of a complete collapse into civil war

And so on and so on.

So the trustworthiness of the administration it would seem to a fairminded person is in question. They have lied to us about matters of grave moral consequence- and not all of their lies were lies of ignorance. Many of them have been the bold-faced sort.

If you believe that- in spite of these and countless other examples of their dishonesty- they can be trusted to provide the American people with an honest account of what happened on 9/11, you might well ask yourself why it is that you can believe this? The only reasonable answer is that you are being unreasonable to do so.

Would you feel like you were in a healthy marriage if your spouse lied to you as often as your government has? Or would you be paranoid- wondering what she was really up to, whether you could trust her to be faithful?

As to the Scholars for 9/11 Truth... You yourself aren't being entirely honest as you represent the movement (many of them do not believe that the government orchestrated the attack- but instead that it let it happen on purpose, for geopolitical reasons) and Stephen Jones in particular (you suggest the basis of Mr. Jones argument is to cite liquid metal pouring for the WTC, when in fact his as-yet-not-refuted research paper offers a great diversity of evidence outside of the video you reference. You note, "I think the theories put forth by Mr. Jones are scientifically sound but are open to question"- but what does that really mean? If his argument that explosives were in the buildings before planes hit them is sound scientifically- then what on earth are the implications of that?

Two buildings were hit by planes. But three buildings collapsed at free fall speeds that day- and the third one, wasn't hit by anything. The leaseholder of all three buildings- who had signed a terrorism insurance policy only six weeks before the attack- claims to have ordered the third building demolished. Yet there wasn't time to put explosives in the building- unless it happened before 9/11. This is alarming to people who ponder the implications. (And also- FWIW- Dr. Jones- rather than harboring animosity- actually voted for Bush, who he believed was a 'fellow conservative'.)

You seem to believe that the families of 9/11 victims all believe, like yourself, that the administration's account of the events are true, and thus believe that the work of the Scholars for 9/11 Truth is causing them pain. It should be noted that there are many families of victims of 9/11 who do NOT believe the government (most notably the Jersey Girls.

You should also note that the government you trust refused for a great while to even have a 9/11 Commission to investigate the events- and they only relented to have an investigation (chaired by a crony of Condi Rice) when families of victims made enough noise that they had no other choice. It should also be noted that the administration provided the commission with 1/10th of the budget that Kenneth Starr was given to investigate Bill Clinton's Oval office affairs, which is a further insult to the families of the thousands dead.

You think these scholars are trying to generate "mistrust of government". Yet in light of the observed lies of the government above- and the many that remain unmentioned here but are within easy grasp, should you maintain a faith in the general faithfulness of your leaders to be honest- what should the disposition of the average American be towards our government? Do you think trust is really warranted? And that distrust is worthy of mockery?

It may be absolutely impossible for you to believe that your government, in spite of their dishonesty- would let or make 9/11 happen. That's understandable- a great many people share that view. But understand this. There are a great many people who have analyzed the matter with far more rigor than just watching mainstream news reports and trusting what comes out of them. They have put their careers and in some cases it would appear their lives at stake in the pursuit of this matter- because they genuinely believe that there is a frightening possibility that the true story of 9/11 is far more grave and frightening than the story we know. They have buried themselves in the available evidence and come to the conclusion that the official story is worthy not only of scrutiny but of rejection- and the story that fills the void in the absence of the official story is a terrifying one.

If the story we've been told isn't true- the intellectually curious are left to wonder what the truth really must be. 9/11 is one of the most world-altering events in modern memory.

If the story was true- would you really want to know? If your answer is no, ask yourself why not. And if the answer is yes, then rather than denigrating those who are trying to figure out what really happened, why not dive into the matter yourself, and see what you learn? You may be surprised what you find.

And if you do one day come to the conclusion that many others already have- that the government let it happen (or made it happen)- what then should be your response?

No one to my knowledge is calling for an uprising. They are asking for the Truth. Having not received it, they are seeking to find it. That used to be considered a pretty American thing to do- to question authority, and to trust that justice was blind and that the truth will set you free. If you feel the efforts of those who just want an honest account of one of the most world-changing events in modern history deserved derision instead of support, then you should ask yourself why you believe this.

If you are open to considering the matter further, which you may not be, consider buying a copy of David Ray Griffin's books "The New Pearl Harbor" and "9/11 Commission: Omissions and Distortions". If that seems like too much work, at least consider watching this highlight reel:

And please understand- I'm a random stranger who, like you, didn't question the official account for a long time. I now am no longer convinced the official account is true. I'm taking the time to post this lengthy, anonymous reply to your post in the hopes you'll look more deeply into the matter. You may not think it worth your time- and if so, okay, then that's that. No point in continuing to badger you about it. But if you'll at least reconsider whether your trust in the official account is misplaced- well, then that's a start.

Here's to hoping you'll at least think this over, and give Dr. Griffin and Dr. Jones a little more credit, rather than treat them with scorn. They aren't doing this because they like getting death threats and being treated like they were dipped in poo by the mainstream media. They are doing this because there's more at stake than their own convenience and egos- and there are some things worth fighting for- even if it's unpopular and even if it might get you killed. To some of us, that's called heroism, and it's a lot more American than conquering nations so you can steal their resources.

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