Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I saw the two news reels about the "leprechaun" that was seen in Mobile (more specifically, chretin, Alabama) a little less that a year ago. Since the very first time I saw it, I laughed hysterically for a good while. It is obvious that this sad occasion was either of two things:

1) A poor neighborhood's cry for attention, or just a reason to be on TV. One person started a rumor that there was a leprechaun in the tree; the word goes out and the news station eventually shows up because the story has caused so much commotion. After the newscast is there, more people show up just to have their 5 minutes of fame.


2) The originators and the people who later state that they saw the leprechaun were just being superstitious and ignorant.

-In Either case, the story is false. Both news clips showed multiple shots of the tree limb in which the leprechaun was allegedly hiding on. There was nothing but Moss in each and Every shot of it.


Blogger EmilyGeise said...

My father is the headmaster of a Pre-K through ninth grade school in CT and he has a third grader who absolutely believes and has announced to the entire school that she is a leprechan. I met her and she is 100% convinced this is true but when asked couldn't or wouldn't provide and explanation of how she discovered this about herself. She "just knew" she says.

I wonder if this will be detrimental to the child's psyche in years to come, believing herself to be a mythical irish character.

1:20 PM  
Blogger Libby said...

Detrimental? I think this is a sign that the kid is AWESOME. Pretending to be a mythical Irish character is always a "DO" not a "DON'T"

12:24 PM  

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