Saturday, June 03, 2006

Pop Rocks, A Sweet Death

As a preteen, I remember my friends telling me over an intense candy session that mixing Pop Rocks (a carbonated candy that pops in your mouth) with Coke would only end badly. And by badly I mean DEATH. I questioned them, and they responded "it'll totally pop too hard--just don't do it, don't die". I reiterated my question and they stated that Nancy (a girl who had suddenly left school the year before) said that she was going to mix Pop Rocks and Coke when she went home, but was never seen again. This shut me up and I didn't try that combination at that moment. Years later, I heard the same story and decided to try it out for myself. I successfully mixed blue Pop Rocks and Coke and my stomach did not explode. I lived.

As we can see, the combination of Pop Rocks and Coke is not deadly. Why is this urban legend so popular and widespread? Why did it begin and how has it spread across the country and through generations? I believe it was created by either a dentist, a mother annoyed by her overly sugared child, or a sibling who did not want to share their precious Pop Rock or Coke. What do you believe?


Blogger Richie said...

I believe this actual situation was featured in the film Urban Legend, claiming that one's stomach would explode if both Coke and Pop-Rocks were consumed. I personally never saw that movie but heard it was depicted.

9:26 PM  

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