Sunday, June 18, 2006

NOAH!!!! We forgot the dinosaurs!

Okay so in my Contemporary Sociology class we somehow began discussing religion. We were talking about how large corporations and intituions in society determine what is accepted as fact. So, we began to debate over whether evolution should be taught in schools or not. Well, one girl said that she was an Evangelical Christian and she seriously believed that dinosaurs became extinct because Noah did not bring them on the Ark during the flood!!!!!!!! The girl who told this story believed it to be fact! It had to be because she learned it in church. Was anyone else taught this in school or church?


Blogger Andrea said...

Until I reached the age of 18, I was forced to attend church, bible study and taught Sunday school to young children. This made me study the religion of Christianity, and I, in turn, became agnostic. As a person who grew up in the church and is now completely cut off from it, I feel that I should reiterate what I was taught about Noah and the Arc.

I was taught at a young age that Noah helped to save all of the animals on earth and humankind with his arc, I was never informed that dinosaurs died out because Noah didn't put them on his arc. When the story of Noah's arc was to take place, the dinosaurs would have died out thousands of years before and therefore could not have been left behind by Noah. It was widely accepted in my church that the dinosaurs died out because of a meteor and a subsequent ice age, not because of a decision made by Noah.

I do not believe that we should automatically blame the church for girl's misinformation, but rather her school or her own stupidity. Many public schools in America (especially in the Bible Belt) are reluctant to teach the theory of evolution because they believe that it goes against the teachings of the Bible (e.g. the Creation Myth), which may result in some students not learning about dinosaurs and how they died out. Though we can't rule out the church for this girl's misinformation, I believe that we should look further and examine what the schools who refuse to teach evolution state about dinosaurs.

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