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I've heard a lot of rumors throughout my life about the Nike Corporation. I would never wear Nikes before about 8th grade (I always opted for Adidas) because I heard they used little Asian kids in sweatshops to make all their products. Then I started on a basketball team that required us to wear Nikes, and I gave in. But I always felt a little guilty. Then just recently I was hearing about the Nike "Swoosh" logo, which is obviously worth millions of dollars. Turns out it was designed by this design student and they gave her 35 dollars for it!! That, and later some stock in the corporation....

Here's the Museum of Hoaxes website (kinda cool) and the link to the Nike story:


Blogger Matt Jacobs said...

I had heard of that story before in a business management class and everyone else in the class had a completely reaction than I did.

I recognized that it was just a part of business and that he was just starting out, so he couldn't really pay her too much, and that it wasn't as if Nike was some huge company that was ripping her off... but I did feel like that was kind of crappy because she did (not mentioned on Nike site) sell them the copyright for the Swoosh, along with the design for just $35.00... that meant that Nike wasn't legally obligated to pay her any royalties for every time the Swoosh was used. That was really crappy in my opinion (the stock they gave her couldn't equal anywhere near the amount she would have earned in royalties by now).

Everyone else in the class was excited by the "amazing deal" made by the founder of Nike and how he was a genius for having the foresight to buy the copyright from her..... ouch.

Even so... I'm gonna stay wearing Nike basketball shoes (NOT THE LEBRONS) until the "Agent Zero" (Gilbert Arenas shoe) comes out from Adidas next season.

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