Thursday, June 15, 2006

Negative Calories

Ok, I'll be up front. I'm on a diet right now. So are several of the people I work with and this week we began discussing the validity of such claims as "negative calories." I decided to look a little further and found that no one can agree on one set of facts or evidence. There are many websites (mostly diet promotion sites) that fervently stick to and elaborate on the various foods that you can eat and actually LOSE weight. However there are a number of sites that are as vigorously adamant about disproving this assertion. Here are two examples:

Negative calories are true

They're trying to destroy my dream

although I did actually have a lot more trouble finding websites to disprove this theory, does that say more about the veracity of this claim or the focus of our society?


Blogger Richie said...

As someone who is pretty much always on a diet, I can certainly say there is no such thing as a negative calorie. A calorie basically translates to a unit of energy needed to break down the matter consumed. I'm pretty sure negative energy doesn't exist. The only way to lose weight is to eat healthy to increase your metabolism and exercise to further induce metabolism and energy and to tone your body in the process.

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