Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Mothers to be and 666

In looking through some articles surrounding today, I found one especially interesting surrounding mothers and their not wanting to have a child on this day out of fear/superstition that their child may be "the beast." Enjoy

If you look at the comments various people wrote, it's interesting to hear some of their intepretations too on the subject, one calls this date lucky...


Blogger Whitney G. Wilson said...

I was watching the news last week and there was a story about expectant mothers. One women decided to re-schelduled her c-section because she refused to have her son born on 06-06-06. I thought that this was completely ridiculous especially because the women's motives were not religion based at all. She was just superstitous and her family and friends suggested that she re-schedule her c-section "just in case". This story just reminded me that it's not the 6th day of the 6th month in the 6th year!!! Religous fanaticism and superstituos attitudes have permeated or culture to the point of no return it seems. I mean re-sceduling your baby's birth! Give me a break!

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