Saturday, June 03, 2006

More fast food fun

I got an email a while ago that said that a witness had seen a man "piercing" himself over the ketchup dispenser in a local fast food. This man was apparently HIV positive (as if a witness could tell) and his blood went into the ketchup. The email said that everyone should make sure to use the ketchup from packets only. This story sounded like an urban legend to me but I checked it out anyway on Truth or Fiction:

It turns out I was right.

Maybe this urban legend was started by ketchup companies, knowing that the ketchup packets cost more for the restaurants. If demand for the individual packets increased, so would their profits.


Blogger sarah hill said...

ok.. so what is to say that someone WORKING @ the ketchup company didn't pierce HIMSELF while the ketchup was being mixed, or dispensed into the packets? Oh, yeah... he was HIV positive too!... LOL!

10:02 AM  

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