Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Manhattan Gators!

In another search for an interesting urban legend, I found one about full grown allegators in the sewer system of new York City. This urban legend states that a few decades ago, wealthy people used to buy (or steal) baby allegators from florida and bring them back so that thier kids can raise them. Well, obviously, the Gator would grow up, so as they did grow up and become a burden on the family they would be flushed down the toilet. Apparently, many poeple did this in the legend so there is a "colony" of allegators in the sewer sytems.

The legend seems factually plausible, but I definitely think that it is false just because it is kind of a stretch to think that Allegators could survive in our waste and by-products.


Blogger Matt Jacobs said...

I have heard the exact same version of that legend! I was even going to do my first paper on it but I wasn't able to find enough info to actaully make it into a paper. However, since then I saw THIS SAME LEGEND mentioned on VH1's "I Love the 80's Strikes Back: 3D" (I know... the thrid edition of I love the 80's?...come on) when one of the commentators brought it up. The commentator claimed (backed up by the "rememberances" of a bunch of the other commentators/comedians)that at one point in the 80's the urban legend became so widespread that the city of nyc actually sent crews down into the sewer to investigate and try to discredit the myth.

Still, these comedians/commentators could have just been putting forth their own versions of the legend (making it out to have been widespread enough to cause a panic/concern), therefore perpetuating it on national tv.... It would definately shock me if such authorities as "Chris Jherico of the WWE", Patrice O'Neil, and Mark McGrath were not 100% correct!

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