Tuesday, June 20, 2006

It may seem like a GW urban legend, but it's not

Last year, just a few sweet months ago, I resided in JBKO. One of my best friends was a CH (community host for those of you not in the know) and while on duty witnessed a bizarre event, that sounds like an urban legend but isn't.

During the Spring semester a fellow resident ordered pizza from Philadelphia Pizza Company. It finally arrives and as the delivery man opens the insulated box to give the student his order, something jumped out--a large rat. The delivery man ran away as the rat scattered into the mail room. The student who received the delivery food immediately called the restaurant. Philadelphia Pizza Company claimed that they had the cleanest restaurant in DC and could not have a rat in their any of their bags and promptly hung up. Miraculously, a UPD officer was coming down the lobby stairs of JBKO after finishing his rounds and heard the commotion. He took the "wet floor" sign from the ground and attacked the rat, spraying the mailroom and its mail boxes with its blood and guts. The student then called the Health Department to report the company and went up to his room, without an appetite.

My friend, the CH conversed with the UPD officer as they waited for Animal Control to come and pick up the rat. I arrived several minutes after the mess had been resolved and cleaned up and heard the entire sordid story from both my friend and the officer.

If you want to read more about it, the student who ordered the food that night was a writer for The Hatchet and the story, though it was published in the April Fools Edition several days after the incident occurred, it is actually true.



Blogger Matt Jacobs said...

Did you actually see the rat, or just the "blood and guts that sprayed out"? (NO) Or did you hear about the story through word of mouth? (YES)

I tried to view your link (unsuccessfully) but hearing this story told as true is really hard for me to believe. First and foremost, I am pretty sure that rats don't have significantly higher blood pressure than humans. Because of this fact, it would be pretty hard for the rat's blood to spray all over rather than just leaking out like when any other animal or human is wounded. (If I hit you with a "wet floor" sign, would blood spray out of you?) Second, I have ordered quite a few pizzas from Philly Pizza and don't see how a fullsize rat could fit in the box. The pizza box is only about 2-3" thick, so it would be a really, really tight squeeze for a rat to be hiding ontop of a 1" thick pizza. Next, you mention in your story that you got downstairs after Animal Control had already cleaned up the mess and that you heard the story from a friend and the UPD officer. Is it possible that your freind and the officer were just relaying the story from someone else that had just told them? (possibly the writer of the article who wanted to generate a "legend" to accompany his April Fool's prank?) Finally, I am just very skeptical about anykind of "factual" article that would be in the April Fool's edition of the Hatchet. If this story was serious, the writer would want to make sure that people took it seriously as a warning against eating Philly Pizza (maybe he was paid by Dominoes?).

If your story is true, than its amazing.... but I think after hearing that you didn't witness it and that you have only heard the story told by others (and that an account of the event was in the April Fool's edition of the Hatchet), that you might want to look a little harder into its truth.

9:41 AM  
Blogger EmilyGeise said...

I just heard a new legend today about a specific room that is supposed to be haunted. I was talking to a co-worker and he told the story about Lafayette room 608. Apparently anyone who stays in that room ends up having psychological troubles. Also he spoke about reports from his friends that lived in that room about drawers being moved and shuffled around, even while the doors and windows were shut tight and no one was in the room. Also a random fire occurred in this room and no one was ever able to determine a cause. So apparently GW now houses some ghosts...

8:18 AM  

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