Saturday, June 10, 2006

Is Swimming Directly After Eating A Recipe For Drowning?

Recently, my friends and I went to a nearby beach to swim and relax. We planned to stay for a majority of the day and packed a picnic lunch. Directly after eating lunch, my friend Steph wanted to go back into the body of water to swim but was stopped by all of us when we cried that she would get a stomach cramp and possibly drown. The reason why we said this was because our mothers had always told us the same thing after we tried to get back into the pool or ocean after eating and told us that we needed to wait at least an hour until we could swim.

The downing after eating story is in fact only an old wive's tale. Eating and then swimming (or any exercise) will not cause one's stomach to cramp, least of all in a violent enough manner to result in drowning. Why then, has this myth been created and perpetuated? I believe it may have been created by a mother who wanted to relax and to not have to rush back to the pool or beach, and therefore told her children that they needed to wait at least an hour for their food to digest before they could go back in. Other mothers may have heard this myth and perpetuated it, not wanting their children to die.


Blogger Matt Jacobs said...

My mother used to tell me the same thing, that if I swam immediately after eating than I would get a bad cramp. In support of your theory, when I asked her why this would happen she just replied that her mother had told her the story (as a fact).

7:10 PM  

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