Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Funny Story About the Pentagon

During high school I participated in a program called Presidential Classroom and we got to go on a special tour of the Pentagon. Our tour guide told us a funny story that happened during the Cold War. I don't remember all of the details but I remember the gist of the story. Apparently, some Russian officials went to visit the Pentagon and during the tour they kept asking to go to the courtyard at the building's center. Their guides complied and what the Russians saw was shocking. They had some surveillance of the Pentagon and noticed that a lot of people were going in an out of a tiny building in the courtyard. They assumed this was an important top secret building that led to an underground chamber, since it had such a high traffic volume. Well, imagine the Russians' surprise when they find out that the supposed top secret building was actually a hot dog stand that still exists today. I'm not sure if our tourguide was joking or not because after all he previously made some joke about the bells that were going off around us being a signal of a bomb threat. Not so funny. And he also told us that the elevators can take off people's arms. Anyway, I think the story about the hot dog stand is funny.


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