Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Ciara, a hermaphrodite?

I have heard from many friends about Ciara having a sex change operation, or being a hermaphrodite. click on this link to read more on it, btw it's not true!


Blogger A.Marie said...

I heard this rumor a long time ago, right when Ciara was getting big in Atlanta... I think things like this are rediculous. It reminds me of high school, when the pretty, successful, popular, talented (etc, etc...) girl or guy just gets HATED on!! We are supposed to be grown people in this society, but we still gossip so much about celebrities, entrepeneurs, politicians... anybody who has the spotlight also has our full attention for faults. Seriously, people just need to stop the hateration (haha) and mind their own business. Celebrities are regular people... we all have "pasts".... it's terrible that they have to be under such scrutiny and jealousy!

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