Sunday, June 04, 2006

Chester the Molester

At my elementary school, St. Ignatius there was an urban legend about this guy who abducted and molested kids. My school was surrounded with a large patch of woods and frequently while children were at play during recess, a man would appear and stare at the kids from the woods. Apparently one little boy dissappeared one day shortly after recess and was never found. When the police showed up to search the woods for the little boy and the mystery man, all the officers found were a yellow tent some pots and pans, and some beat up clothes. Neither the little boy or the man was ever seen again.
I don't know whether to believe this tale or not. I do remember there being a homeless guy with a yellow jacket that used to hang around a lot near the woods by my school and a boy in my class who left suddenly in the middle of one school year without any explanation. However, that's the only memory I have of "Chester" or a missing kid.


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