Thursday, June 08, 2006

Cannibalism Cartoons

My first encounter with the topic of cannibalism was through Saturday morning cartoons. It seemed whenever my favorite characters, such as Bugs Bunny or Porky Pig, strayed too far from home they were threatened to be put in a big ol’ stewpot. “Too far from home” seemed to be defined as anywhere that was not in the Western Hemisphere or Europe. If they ended up in Africa or some Polynesian island, they were likely to meet up with a human predator wearing a bone through their nose. Never mind that Bugs and Porky technically were animals, it was clear that their predators would have been just as glad to eat them if they were human. It seemed that in the cartoon world cannibalism was common in these remote places.

Check out this link to some funny newspaper style cartoon from a company called cartoonstock. com.


Blogger Evelyn said...

wow! I never thought about it but after looking at the cartoons and remembering when I use to watch cartoons on tv, I do remember seeing a stewpot where straying humans or bugs bunny or porky punishment would be to be cooked on a pot to be eaten.... kind of weird because when you're a kid you do see all these things but it's nothing out of the ordinary. You don't think, gee these humans are about to be cooked to be eaten by other humans.....really weird now that i think about it.

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