Monday, June 19, 2006

1982 Tylenol Deaths

In 1982 several Tylenol bottles issued in Chicago were tampered with cyanide poiosoning. Seven people died as a result. For this reason, the FDA forced pharmaceutical companies to recognize the safety benefits of induction sealing for producing a tamper-evident seal. I was watching I LOVE the 80's (1982) over the weekend and the commentators talked about this incident. I had always heard of people tampering with tylenol bottles, but I always thought that it was a myth or urban legend. Apparently the story was true and shortly thereafter copycats emerged. Also, it is extremely hard for us nowadays to wrap our minds around the idea that before 1982 there were no safety seals on most household products and medicines! Can you imagine buying a bottle of aspirin without the plastic and cotton ball?! Here is the story.


Blogger Evelyn said...

yes, this is exactly why I dont put chemicals into my body. I only drink tylenol when my headaches are so bad that i cannot stand them. this is really scary and although it's much safer now with FDA regulations, it's still a little scary.

5:47 PM  

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