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I was at a wedding the other day, and I was wondering if anyone knows where the idea that the groom cannot see the bride on her wedding day until the actual ceremony came from. Maybe it goes back to the days where marriages were arranged, or when the two spouses were expected to be pure and not have previous sexual relations.

I looked this up online and could not find anything other then this is an invented tradition over time, and that there is no proof that seeing your bride on the day of your wedding (before the ceremony) will cause a "bad" marriage.


Blogger Hilary Golston said...

I had a hard time finding the origin of the tradition you mentioned, but I asked my mom (who I think is a credible source b/c she's been married twice) and she confirmed that it's just a matter of preventing bad luck. In my research I stumbled across several good websites about wedding tradtion. None of them mentioned anything about the reason people stay hidden from their fiances on the wedding day, but they had alot of interesting information about the origins of several other wedding day traditions. Here are a few websites:

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Blogger Matt Jacobs said...

Your post made me think of how many traditions/customs are associated with weddings. There is the one you mentioned and also the traditions of jumping over a broom or stepping on a glass. Even throwing rice could be looked at as tradition.

This speaks to our culture's emphasis on marriage a life changing event. It is a single event where we go through (kind of) a right of passage and maybe these traditions are used to emphasize the important of this right. I think I might do my paper on this topic...

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