Thursday, May 25, 2006

Ring around the Rosie

I specifically remember when I was taking a tour of a British museum as a child being shown a statute (clad with lyrics of a nursery rhyme) of children holding hands and skipping around in a circle. Our guide told us that this piece of art was created to honor the children lost during the Black Plague and was entitled something along the lines of "Ring Around the Rosie". We were told that the synonymous nursery rhyme discusses the Black Plague. I was surprised to discover that the artist, guide, and museum were wrong--in fact, Ring Around the Rosie has nothing to do with the Plague! According to, Ring Around the Rosie is simply a nonsensical nursery rhyme. Due to the fact that the rhyme has no noted origin or true meaning, people decided to create a meaning for it and some did so by associating it with the Plague. It is also highly unlikely that this rhyme was penned during the time of the Plague because it first appeared in writing in 1881, hundreds of years after the Plague had diminished-- it would be odd for a rhyme such as this to have been constantly recited during those times and yet no one thought to write it down.

Read more about Ring Around the Rosie below!


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