Monday, May 29, 2006

Not for the weak-stomached.... (apologies!!)

Okay this one is flat-out NASTY, but it is honestly something I've heard through the grapevine and wondered about. I was just watching some Dave Chappelle DVDs and came across the now-infamous R. Kelly "I Want to Piss On You" music video. A couple years ago, R. Kelly was charged with child pornography and over 70 counts of soliciting a minor after a tape of him with a 14-year-old girl had surfaced. There was reportedly no actual sexual intercourse between the two, but there were rumors of another sickening act on the tape; apparently R. Kelly is shown urinating on the girl (as some sort of erotica??!) !!??! The video circulated the internet-- although I have never seen it personally, I have heard the rumors and watched Dave Chappelle's hilarious rendition of the whole situation.
That's just gross. It was hugley publicized, and I have a feeling that for years to come, people won't be able to forget the story.


Blogger Matt Jacobs said...

Uhhh... yea, I know someone... who has seen it and the accounts are right, he doesn't have any sex in it. He does practice "watersports" though.... it is interesting that you mentioned seeing the Chapelle show thing because it has spread throughout pop culture (or I guess a year ago when this was really big) and I just saw an episode of "Boondocks" (on Cartoon Network) and they had an episode all about this.

The "Boondocks" episode brought up the whole issue that came up during the trial of R. Kelly's prosecution that involved race as being the motivating factor.

This whole "mystery" that came about after rumors started spreading regarding R. Kelly's actions refect a lot on the custom (i believe) of gossip. By telling other people about rumors you have heard, you are not only dissiminating information (possibly false) but you are using that information to form social bonds.

Is gossip a custom?...

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